Viburnum x burkwoodii, Burkwood Viburnum

Size: shrub, 8-10' average height at maturity, slightly smaller spread

Buds: vegetative buds naked, flower buds have a few scales, terminal bud often almost twice as long as lateral buds at its base

Leaves: semi-evergreen, usually 1-2 persist at twig tips, opposite, 1.5-4" long, .75-1.75" wide, simple, oblong, ovate to elliptic, apex acute or obtuse, slightly toothed margins, shiny dark green scurfy (scratchy)-pubescent on top, lighter gray-green tomentose underside, fall color occasionally wine red

Twigs: light tan, scurfy pubescent

Flowers: monoecious, pink buds, white flowers in hemispherical 5-rayed cyme, 2-3.5" wide, each flower .33-.5" wide, intense spicy aroma

Fruit: .33" ellipsoid drupe, red maturing to black