Viburnum utile 'Conoy', Conoy Service Viburnum

Size: shrub, 5-8' average height at maturity

Buds: pink

Leaves: semi-evergreen, opposite, 1.5-2.5" long, simple, ovate to oblong, glossy dark green top (often with dark maroon tinge in winter), pale blue-green and pubescent underside

Twigs: first-year growth greenish white, very scurfy, second-year growth reddish brown, slightlyy scurfy, older growth grayish brown

Flowers: monoecious, creamy white in spring, borne in 2-2.5" diameter cymes with 70-75 florets per inflorescence, light fragrance

Fruit: .33" long glossy ovid drupes, turn from red to black at maturity, ripen in late summer