Platanus occidentalis, American Plane Tree

Size: tree, 75-100' average height at maturity, equal or greater spread

Buds: up to .375", conical, dark brown, slightly ribbed, covered by a single scale, no terminal bud

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 4-9" wide, simple, 3-5 lobes, shallow sinuses, triangular lobes, usually coarsely toothed, sometimes entire, medium to dark green

Twigs: stout, often zigzagging, leaf scars completely surround buds, many bundled scars

Flowers: monoecious tree, in dense spheres, male and female on separate peduncles

Fruit: round, many-seeded heads, usually solitary, individual seeds blunt at apex or with sharp bristle projecting from center

Bark: exfoliates in plates, white inner bark