Nyssa sylvatica, Tupelo

Size: tree, 40-70' average height at maturity

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 3-6" long, 1.5-3" wide, simple ovate, obovate, elliptic, entire or sometimes slightly toothed, acute tip, shiny dark green in summer, vibrant yellow, orange, red, and purple fall colors

Twigs: rectangular leaf scars with 3 conspicuous bundle scars, which are often orange or pink-orange in winter, branchlets with numerous short twigs often at right angle to main stem, diaphragmed pith

Flowers: essentially dioecious, sometimes perfect, small, yellow-green

Fruit: oblong drupe, .375-.5", blue-black

Bark: variable, dark gray to brown-black, thick ridges broken into "alligator hide" with horizontal streaks