Morella (Myrica) pensylvanica, Bayberry

Size: shrub, 6-8' average height at maturity (spread equal or greater)

Buds: absent terminal bud, laterals rounded, dark red-brown, 2-4 scales

Leaves: deciduous or semi-evergreen, alternate, 1.5-4" long, .5-1.5" wide, simple, obovate or oblong-obovate, tip obtuse or slightly acute, margins entire or shallowly toothed toward tips, shiny dark green, leathery, dotted with resin glands on underside

Twigs: yellow resinous dots on twigs and buds, aromatic when broken

Flowers: usually dioecious, lack petals and sepals, males yellow-green and in catkins

Fruit: usually in clusters, .2", gray and waxy, aromatic, on 2+ year-old female plants only, often along the stems

Bark: gray