Potentilla fruticosa, Shrubby Cinquefoil

Size: shrub, 3-4' average height at maturity, 8' spread

Buds: nearly enclosed by persistent stipules

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, .5-1" long, pinnately compound, usually with 5 but sometimes 3-7 leaflets, each leaflet elliptic to linear, .5-1" long, acute tips, margins revolute (rolled under), silky gray-green in spring, bright or dark green in summer, no fall color

Twigs: shiny brown, wispy, slender, exfoliating with age, stipules persist, nearly enclosing bud and sheathing twigs

Flowers: monoecious, bright buttercup yellow, but cultivar colors vary widely, 1-1.5" across, single or in small clusters, bloom in June and sporadically until frost

Fruit: capsules persist at twig tips