Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Virginia Creeper

Size: vine, 30-50'+ average height at maturity

Buds: terminal absent, collateral present

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, palmately compound, usually with 5 leaflets, each leaflet 1.5-4" long, .5-2.5" wide, elliptic to ovate-oblong, acuminate tips, coarsely serrate or crenate margins, shiny dark green in summer, purple-red to crimson-red in fall, colors early

Twigs: climbs with tendrils, oblong discs at tips, usually 2" or longer, raised semicircular leaf scars are distinctly concave, prominent lenticels, roundish stems

Flowers: monoecious, greenish white, terminal clusters, produced under leaves so not highly visible

Fruit: blue-black berry, .25"

Bark: gray-brown