Parrotia persica, Persian Parrotia

Size: tree, 20-40' average height at maturity, 15-30' spread

Buds: finely pubescent, vegetative buds dark brown, stalked, pointed, with about 2 scales, flower buds .33", rounded, dark chocolate brown, with several loosely appressed scales

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 2.5-5" long, 1-2.5" wide, simple, oval to obovate-oblong, large stipules that drop, obtuse tip, margins coarsely crenate-dentate on outer half of leaf, shiny medium or dark green in summer, brilliant yellow, orange, scarlet in fall

Twigs: finely pubescent, when young, later grayish brown, glabrous

Flowers: monoecious, lack petals, crimson stamens turn yellow

Fruit: bright brown capsule, slightly less than .5"

Bark: exfoliating on old branches, creating a mosaic of gray, green, white, and brown