Amelanchier spp., Shadblow Serviceberry

Size: tree, 6-25' average height at maturity, 10-20' spread

Buds: imbricate, slender, conical, .25-.375" long with 5-7 scales

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 1.25-2.5" long, .5-1.25" wide, simple, elliptic to oblong, rounded tips, fine teeth on margin, woolly when young, later glabrous medium to dark green, change in fall to yellow, gold, orange, and red

Twigs: slender, brown with gray, solid small green pith

Flowers: monoecious, white, in compact erect racemes

Fruit: reddish, purplish, or black drupe, round, .25"

Bark: dark ashy gray, shallow longitudinal fissures and ridges