Abies nordmanniana, Nordmann Fir

Tips for identifying firs: linear needles, flat in cross-section (in contrast to angular spruce), twigs smooth, leaf scars more or less  circular, cones upright with scales that fall off at maturity

Size: tree, 40-60' average height at maturity

Buds: ovoid, acute tips, not resinous

Leaves: evergreen, point forward, densely covering branches, .75-1.5" long, tip rounded and notched, shiny dark green with 2 white bands on underside

Twigs: gray with short hairs

Flowers: monoecious

Fruit: 5-6" long, 1.75-2" wide, cylindrical or tapering to apex, reddish brown

Bark: gray-brown, slightly fissured on old trees