Abies fraseri, Fraser Fir

Tips for identifying firs: linear needles, flat in cross-section (in contrast to angular spruce), twigs smooth, leaf scars more or less circular, cones upright with scales that fall off at maturity

Size: tree, 30-40' average height at maturity, 20-25' spread

Buds: small, almost spherical, very resinous

Leaves: evergreen, spirally arranged, rather crowded on twig, often pointing forward, .5-1", grooved, flat, notched at tip, shiny dark green on top, two broad silvery bands on underside

Twigs: red-brown during first winter, later gray or pale yellow-brown

Flowers: monoecious

Fruit: rounded or cylindrical, 1.5-2.5" long, 1-1.25" wide, purple when young, light brown later

Bark: bright cinnamon red scales, gray with age