Pyracantha coccinea, Scarlet Firethorn

Size: shrub, 10-15' average height at maturity

Leaves: evergreen, alternate, variable, 1-2.5" on long shoots, .5"-1.5" on flowering shoots, from .25-.75" wide, simple, narrow elliptic to lanceolate, tip acute, margins crenulate or serrulate, shiny dark green, brownish in winter in exposed site

Twigs: often have leaflike stipules at base of petiole adjacent to winter bud, branches usually thorny at apex with additional thorns at side down the stem, woolly when young, shiny brown later

Flowers: monoecious, .3", whitish, in clusters up to 2" wide, unpleasant smell, blooms May-June

Fruit: in flat-topped clusters, .25" wide, orange-red, usually don't persist into winter