Prunus laurocerasus, Common Cherrylaurel

Size: shrub, 10-18' average height at maturity, 25-30' spread

Buds: solitary or collaterally multiple, sessile, subglobuse or mostly ovoid with about 6 exposed scales

Leaves: alternate, 2-6" long, about .33 to .5" wide, glabrous, usually oblong to obovate-oblong, cuneate to round at base, obscurely serrate to nearly entire, lustrous medium to dark green

Twigs: slender or moderate, green, subterete, somewhat angled from the nodes, typical cherry odor when bruised

Flowers: perfect, white, each flower .25-.33" across, 20 stamens

Fruit: conical round drupe, purple to black, .33-.5" long, blooms in summer, most often lost among the leaves