Carya glabra, Pignut Hickory

Size: tree, 50-60' average height at maturity, 25-35' spread

Buds: large terminal, lower scales appressed, laterals smaller, often superposed at about 45 degree angles to twig

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, pinately compound, 5-7 leaflets, each 3-6.5" long by 1-2" wide, terminal leaflet is largest and obovate, lower leaflets are smaller and ovate-lanceolate sharply toothed glabrous on top, dark yellow green, changes to rich golden yellow in fall

Twigs: leaf scars large and triangular, many bundle scars

Flowers: monoecious, males in axillary catkins, females in terminal spikes

Fruit: nuts up to 1.25"

Bark: dark gray, fissured, not as shaggy as C. ovata, irregular diamond pattern