Viburnum lantana, Wayfaringtree Viburnum

Size: shrub, 10-15' average height at maturity, equal spread

Buds: winter vegetative buds naked, terminal vegetative bud often over 3 times as long as lateral buds at its base, flower buds have several scales

Leaves: deciduous, opposite, 2-5" long, 1.5-4" wide, simple, obovate or oval, tip acute or obtuse, very uniform denticulation at margins, strongly reticulate (net-like) venation pattern, dark green

Twigs: light gray-brown, pubescent

Flowers: monoecious, creamy white (white flowers with yellow stamens), 3-5" flat-topped cymes

Fruit: .33" long drupe, yellow changing to red and black

Bark: gray, stout, coarse, usually with many lenticels