Viburnum dilatatum, Linden Viburnum

Size: shrub, 6-8' average height at maturity, 4-8' spread

Buds: winter buds have 2 pairs of overlapping scales, outer pair as long or longer than inner pair, buds pubescent brownish blunt often with red-tinged scales

Leaves: deciduous, opposite, 2-5" long, 1-3.5" wide, simple, broadly ovate, tip abruptly acuminate, coarsely toothed margins, hairy on both sides, dark green and often shiny on top, sometimes russet red in fall

Twigs: pubescent, prominent orange lenticels

Flowers: monoecious, .25" white flowers in 3-5" flat-topped cymes, often in large quantities

Fruit: bright red, often persistent, .33" drupes

Bark: brown with stiff hairs