Paxistima canbyi, Canby Paxistima

Size: groundcover, 1' average height at maturity, 3-5' spread

Buds:very small, appressed, usually 2 pairs of scales

Leaves: evergreen, opposite, .25-1" long, .1875" wide, simple, linear-oblong or narrow-oblong, margins revolute, usually serrulate above middle and entire below, short petiole, shiny dark green, bronzish in cold weather

Twigs: low, multistemmed groundcover, slender, flexible stems, vaguely 4-sided minute leaf scars in crescents

Flowers: monoecious, greenish or reddish, each .2" across, sparse clusters, bloom in early May

Fruit: .167" leathery white capsule

Bark: becomes corky and transversely checked with age