Populus deltoides, Northern Cottonwood

Size: tree, 75-100' average height at maturity, 50-75' spread

Buds: first scale centered directly above leaf scar, lateral buds straight, angled, or appressed, flower buds much larger than vegetative buds

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 3-6" long and wide, simple, deltoid-ovate, coarsely crenate-dentate with curved teeth, acuminate, medium green above, bright green below, densely ciliate above, glabrous below, petiole flattened

Twigs: glabrous, stout, greenish-yellow or brown, like witch's finters, vigorous new growth has conspicuous decurrent lines

Flowers: dioecious tree, pendulous catkins usually before leaves emerge, males have red anthers

Fruit: dehiscent capsule with 3-4 valves that produce cottony seeds that float in the air

Bark: gray, divided into thick ridges and deep fissures on old trees