Cornus sanguinea, Bloodtwig Dogwood

Size: shrub, 6-15' average hight and width at maturity

Buds: flower buds terminal, grayish pubescence; vegetative buds valvate with grayish pubescence

Leaves: deciduous, opposite, 1.5-3" long, .75-1.75" wide, simple, acuminate, rounded or broad-cuneate at base, dark green above, yellow in late summer and early fall on Cornell campus, but can change to a greenish purple

Twigs: young stems tend to be a combination of yellow with orange, red, and pink, depending on cultivar

Flowers: monoecious, dull white, late may to early June, can repeat bloom in late summer-fall, 1.5-2" diameter, flat-topped cymes

Fruit: clusters of purple-black drupes, .25" across

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