Catalpa speciosa, Catalpa

Size: tree, 40-60' average height at maturity, 20-40' spread

Buds: no terminal bud, lateral buds small, few scales, perched atop leaf scar

Leaves: deciduous, whorled, sometimes opposite, 6-12" long, 3-8" wide, simple, ovate, acuminate tips, entire with occasional lobes, petiole 4-6", medium green, glabrous above, densely pubescent below, yellow-green or brown in fall

Twigs: large roundish or oval leaf scars

Flowers: monoecious, white with yellow spots and purple stripes, about 2x2", bell-shaped, spreading frilled lobes, in upright terminal panicles up to 8", bloom May-June

Fruit: pods that look like long string beans, produce winged seeds

Bark: gray-brown, usually ridged and furrowed on old trunks, sometimes scaly