Acer negundo, Boxelder

Size: tree, 30-50' average height at maturity

Buds: often in sets of 3 on twig tips, whitish, silky-hairy, scales valvate or imbricate

Leaves: deciduous, opposite, joined by a stipular line shaped like an inverted V, variable size roughly 10" long, each leaflet ovate to lanceolate, 2-4" long, pinnately compound, usually 3-5 leaflets, terminal leaflet often has 3 lobes, several large rounded serrations on each leaflet margin, bright or dark green above, lighter green below, yellow in fall

Twigs: often very glaucous, especially on quick-growing shoots, color varies from dark greens and reds to silvery blues, solid white pith

Flowering: dioecious, pale green, large clusters

Fruit: Double samara, often persist through winter, Dirr calls them "dirty socks"

Bark: Gray-brown, slightly ridged and furrowed

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