Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Dawn Redwood

Size: tree, 70-100' average height at maturity, 25' spread

Buds: prominent, at nearly right angles to slender twigs, usually in pairs, light reddish to yellowish brown

Leaves: deciduous, mostly opposite, about .5" long, .13" wide, simple, yewy, linear, flattened, straight of slightly curved, gooved midvein on top, lower surface with faint lines of stomata, slightly raised midrib, bright green on top, lighter green on underside

Twigs: slender, conspicuous exfoliation

Flowering: monoecious, males in clusters to 12" long, females solitary

Fruit: pendulous cones, roundish or cylindrical, .75-1.25"

Bark: reddish brown when young, darker, exfoliating in long strips when older