Stewartia pseudocamellia, Japanese Stewartia

Size: tree or shrub, 20-30' average height and spread at maturity

Buds: fusiform, 2-ranked, 2-3 red-brown scales, usually split at apex to expose white silky hairy inner scales

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 2-3.5" long, simple, elliptic or obovate-elliptic or elliptic-lanceolate, acuminate tips, remotely crenate or srrulate, dark green in summer, red to dark red-purple in fall

Twigs: leaf scars rased, 2 short decurrent lines, one on each side of leaf scar, 2-ranked

Flowers: monoecious, white with orange anthers, 2.5", bloom in July

Fruit: hairy 5-valved capsule, 1"

Bark: exfoliates to expose layers of tan, brown, and olive in mottled patterns