Chionanthus virginicus, Old-man's-beard

Size: tree or shrub, 15-20' average height and spread at maturity

Buds: usually 3 paris of exposed scales, brown, pointed terminal, rounded lateral

Leaves: deciduous, opposite or subopposite, 3-8" long, 1.5-4" wide, simple, narrow elliptic to obovate-oblong, acute or acuminate tips, margins entire, medium to dark green above, paler below

Twigs: stout, slightly square, peeling outer layer, u-shaped bundle scars

Flowers: essentially dioecious, but trees of one gender may indlude some perfect flowers, white, lightly fragrant, 4 petals, 1.25" long, very narrow, bloom May-June

Fruit: dark blue egg-shaped drupe, up to .66"

Bark: gray, ridges and furrows on older branches