Magnolia acuminata, Cucumbertree Magnolia

Size: tree, 50-80' average height

Buds: terminal ovoid-oblong, acute tip, somewhat curved, light tan, densely covered with short pale silky hairs, lateral buds smaller, blunt, nearly surrounded by leaf scar, flower bud larger than vegetative

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 4-10" long, 2-5" wide, simple, elliptic or ovate, margins entire, short acuminate tip, dark green

Twigs: lustrous, bright red-brown or grayish, stipular line completely encircles twig at each leaf scar

Flowers: monoecious, greenish yellow, 2.3-3" long, 6 petals, bloom in May or June, often not visible because blooms are high in crown

Fruit: looks kind of like a pinkish-red cucumber, 2-3"

Bark: dark brown, furrowed