Larix decidua, European Larch

Size: tree, 70-100' average height at maturity

Buds: terminal buds on long shoots, spherical, short-pointed, laterals shorter, buds of short shoots small and rounded

Leaves: deciduous, spurs that bear new shoots are somewhat alternate or subopposite, .5-1.5", needlelike, in bunches, keeled on underside, bright green when young, later deep green, yellow in fall

Twigs: short, spur-like branches on all but new wood, finely lined or ridged below decurrent leaf scars, 2 bundle scar, main branches horizontal, twigs usually pendulous

Flowers: monoecious, females egg-shaped, up to .5" long, red, pink, yellow, or green, males smaller and yellow

Fruit: cones, 1-1.5" long, scales straight or at least not curved at tip, scales dull or pubescent, cones persistent, red when young

Bark: coarse and scaly on old trees, showing reddish brown inner bark in deep furrows