Cotoneaster divaricatus, Spreading Cotoneaster

Size: shrub, 4-6' average height, 6-8' spread

Buds: 3-4 weakly imbricate scales, individual scales indistinct, loosely arranged, outer 2 scales often parted to reveal pubescent interior

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, .33-1" long, .25-.63" wide, elliptic or broad eliptic, acute or rounded tip, margins entire, shiny dark green, fall color can be brilliant yellows, reds, and purples

Twigs: Only slightly pubescent at nodes and twig tips, reddish brown, loose gray waxy covering

Flowers: monoecious, rose, solitary or in groups of 3, bloom in early summer

Fruit: egg-shaped red or dark red pome, .33" long, .25" wide, lasting into late fall

Bark: older stems dark brown