Cotoneaster apiculatus, Cranberry Cotoneaster

Size: shrub, 3' average height at maturity, 3-6' spread

Buds: 3-4 weakly imbricate scales, individual scales indistinct, loosely arranged, outer scales often parted to reveal pubescent interior

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, .25-.75" long and wide, simple, orbicular to ovate, tips usually apiculate, margins entire, undulating, shiny dark green on top, slightly pubescent underside, bronzy red or purple in fall

Twigs: reddish purple, appressed pubescence, broken stems smell of maraschino cherries

Flowers: monoecious, pinkish, solitary, bloom in early summer

Fruit: cranberry-red pome, .25-.33", appear in late summer and early fall, prolific

Bark: older stems gray-brown and ragged