Pinus ponderosa, Ponderosa Pine

Size: tree, 60-100' average height at maturity, 20-30' spread

Buds: oblong, cylindrical, .8" long, resinous, reddish brown scales

Leaves: evergreen, usually 3 (sometimes 2) needles per fascicle, fragrant when broken, densely crowded on branchlets, 6-12" long, rigid, curved, margins minutely toothed, horny point, dark or yellowish green

Twigs: decurrent lines, vanilla fragrance when broken

Flowers: monoecious, males clustered, yellow, pistillate red, in pairs

Fruit: terminal cones, solitary or in clusters of 3-5, ovoid, 3-6" long, 1.5-2" wide, light red-brown, shiny

Bark: brown-black furrows on younger trees, yellow-brown to cinnamon-red in large flat scaly plates with deep fissures on older trees