Pinus flexilis, Limber Pine

Size: tree, 30-50 average height at maturity, 15-35' average spread

Buds: ovoid, slender, sharp points, .38"

Leaves: evergreen, 5 needles per fascicle, densely crowded at ends of branchlets, 2.5-3.5", margins entire, leaves slender, rigid, curved or twisted in compact clusters, dark blue-green, 3-4 lines of stomata on each surface

Twigs: very flexible (can be tied in a knot), shining green

Flowers: monoecious, males clustered and rose colored, females purple

Fruit: cylindrical ovoid, 3-6" long, 1.5-2.25" wide, light brown and resinous

Bark: light gray or greenish gray when young, gray-brown with deep fissures dividing into scaly blocks on old trunks