Juniperus virginiana, Eastern Red Cedar

Tips for identifying Juniperus: leaves scaled or sharp and needle-like, cones gray to bluish and berry-like

Size: tree, 40-50' average height at maturity, spread 8-20' (can also be shrub or groundcover)

Leaves: evergreen, crushed leaves smell of cedar, juvenile foliage needle-like and in pairs, ending in spiny point, concave and glaucous on top, green and convex underside, .2-.25", mature foliage scale-like in 4 ranks, closely pressed to stem, .06", medium green, sage green, blue-green, often bronzy or yellow-brown in winter

Flowers: essentially dioecious, females violet

Fruit: .25"-.33", cones globular, brownish violet

Bark: grayish to reddish brown, exfoliating in long strips