Juniperus sabina, Savin Juniper

Tips for identifying Juniperus: leaves scaled or sharp and needle-like, cones gray to bluish and berry-like

Size: shrub, 4-10' average height at maturity

Leaves: evergreen, crushed foliage has a strong disagreeable odor and bitter taste, needle-like foliage mostly opposite, scale-like foliage 4-ranked, in overlapping opposite pairs, scale-like .05" and ovate with tips shortly pointed or blunt, needle-like .17" with awl-shaped straight sharply pointed tip, green or bluish-green in summer, dingy green with slight yellow tint in winter, not purple in winter like J. horizontalis

Twigs: stems ascend from near ground, producing fountain-like effect

Flowers: usually dioecious

Fruit: .2" cones, brownish, bluish, black, prolifically blooming, 4-6 scales