Juniperus chinensis, Chinese Juniper

Tips for identifying Juniperus: leaves scaled or sharp and needle-like, cones gray to bluish and berry-like

Size: tree or shrub, 4-30' average height at maturity

Leaves: evergreen, may have 2 kinds of foliage depending on variety or cultivar, needle-like juvenile leaves and scale-like mature leaves, needle-like leaves in whorls of 3, scale-like leaves are thickened and generally obtuse at tips of scales, presenting a rope-like appearance, .06" long and .04" wide at maturity, green, blue-green, gray-green

Flowers: essentially dioecious, males yellow-brown to orange-yellow, females greenish, bloom in spring

Fruit: .33-.5", roundish, whitish with bloom when young, dark brown when mature

Bark: gray-brown, shallow ridges and furrows, thin strips