Mahonia aquifolium, Oregon Grapeholly

Size: shrub, 3-6' average height and spread at maturity

Buds: small with the exception of terminal, which is ovoid and 6-scaled, flower bud clusters catkinlike, terminal or lateral near apex of stem

Leaves: evergreen but often winter-burned in some areas, alternate, often compactly arranged, 6-12" long, each leaflet 1.5-3.5" long, pinnately compound with 5-13 leaflets, each leaflet sessile, ovate to oblong ovate, tipped with spines, spiny dentate leaf margins, very stiff, like a holly leaf, shiny green or purplish, tan and brittle when winter-burned

Twigs: leaf base partially encircles twig, inner bark yellow

Flowers: monoecious, bright yellw, in terminal racemes to 2-3" by 2-3", bloom in April

Fruit: bloomy blue-black berry up to .5", resembing a grape