Ulmus americana, American Elm

Size: tree, 60-80' average height at maturity, 30-50' spread

Buds: imbricate, no terminal bud, pseudoterminal bud usually tipped to one side, vegetative bud appressed, flower buds (when present) much larger, lateral buds 2-ranked

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 3-6" long, 1-3" wide, simple, ovate-oblong, acuminate, doubly serrate, unbalanced at base, shiny dark green, often rough on upper surface

Twigs: uniformly brown, usually glaborous but sometimes pubescent, 3-4 bundle scars

Flowers: monoecious, reddish green, clusters of 3-4

Fruit: roughly circular samara, winged on all sides, in clusters

Bark: dark gray, scaly, pattern of thick intersecting ridges