Rhamnus frangula, Alder Buckthorn

Size: shrub, 12-18' average height at maturity, 8-12' spread

Buds: terminal bud is naked pubescent brownish and much larger than laterals

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 1-3" long, .5-1.5" wide, simple, oval or obovate to obovate oblong, tip acute, margins entire, dark green on top, light green and often slightly pubescent underside, conspicuous veins

Twigs: tips pubescent, older wood glabrous, often with loose waxy covering on older parts, conspicuous vertical lenticels beneath

Flowers: monoecious, creamy green, clusters of 2-20 in leaf axils, bloom in May

Fruit: red to purple-black berry up to .33"

Bark: gray rectangular vertical lenticels