Quercus robur, English Oak

White Oak Group: acorns mature in 1 year, small ones not present on winter twigs, leaves blunt-lobed, rounded at apex, winter buds generally rounded at apex

Size: tree, 50-60' average height and spread at maturity

Buds: about .25", plump, tip may be obtuse to acute, buds contrast with greenish, somewhat glaucus twigs, angled with small scales, clustered at twig tips

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 2-5" long, 2-2.5" wide, petiole less than .33" long, simple, obovate to obovate-oblong, tip and lobes rounded, number of lobes variable, 3-7 pairs, leaf base may be rouned or auriculate (shaped like an ear lobe), dark green to blue-green in summer, brown in fall

Twigs: red-brown, angled, 5-point star-shaped pith

Flowers: monoecious, male flowers in catkins, females in leaf axils, solitary or in small clusters

Fruit: acorn (nuts plus involucre), about 1" long, narrowish, cap covers top half to third

Bark: grayish brown to black, deep furrows