Quercus alba, White Oak

White Oak Group: acorns mature in 1 year, small ones not present on winter twigs, leaves blunt-lobed, rounded at apex, winter buds generally rounded at apex

Size: tree, 50-80' average height and spread at maturity

Buds: broadly ovate, blunt, .125-.25", clustered at twig tips

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 4-8.5" long, 2-4.5" wide, simple, obovate to oblong obovate, tip abruptly acute, 5-9 oblong obtuse lobes, pinkish when unfolding, dark green to blue-green in summer, changing to red, burgundy, and brown in fall

Twigs: stout, angled, pith shaped like 5-point star

Flowers: monoecious, male flowers in catkins, females in leaf axils, solitary or in small clusters

Fruit: acorn (nut plus involucre) up to about 1" long, enclosed half to a third of its length in bowl-like cap with bumpy scales, deep chocolate-brown

Bark: light ashy gray, plates or deep fissures develop with age, often broken into blocks and scales