Ailanthus altissima, Tree-of-Heaven

Size: tree, 40-60' average height at maturity, 25-40' spread

Buds: terminal absent, laterals rounded or somewhat flattened, large leaf scar, numerous bundle scars

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, up to 24" long, pinnately compound, 13-25 leaflets, each 3-5" long ovate to lanceolate and somewhat truncate at base (with a few coarse teeth), dark green, glabrous underside

Twigs: stout, yellowish or reddish brown, often covered with short brown fuzz

Flowers: essentially dioecious, yellow-green, in pendulous 8-16" panicles, males have a fragrance most often considered unpleasant

Fruit: samara, produced in masses, seeds profusely, suckers as well

Bark: grayish, slightly rough, lighter longitudinal streaks