Rosa multiflora, Multiflora Rose

Size: shrub, 3-4' average height at maturity (up to 10'), 10-15' spread

Buds: Small, reddish, globular

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, pinnately compound, 5-8 leaflets, each .5-1.25" long, obovate to oblong, tips acute or obtuse, margins serrate, pubescent, with stipules, shiny bright green, dull yellow in fall

Twigs: leaf scars slender, partially surrounding twig, thorns stipular or scattered on both flower and vegetative shoots, thorns curved and pointed toward base of stem

Flowers: monoecious, white, about 1" across, in many-flowered pyramidal clusters, fragrant, bloom in June

Fruit: glossy red egg-shaped hips, up to .25", many per cluster, small, persistent