Rhus typhina, Staghorn Sumac

Size: shrub, 35-40' average height at maturity, 35-45' spread

Buds: hairy

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 1-2" long, pinnately compound, 13-27 leaflets, each 2-5" long and 1-2" wide, lanceolate oblong, serrate edges and acuminate tips, bright green in summer, changing to yellow, orange, and red in fall

Twigs: light brown, densely hairy, nearly obscuring buds and leaf scars (which are not elevated)

Flowers: dioecious, greenish, pyramidal clusters, females 4-8", males larger and looser, bloom June to early July

Fruit: dark red fruit clusters in shape of elongated pyramids, very hairy, last into winter

Bark: older wood glabrous or at least less pubescent, grayish