Maackia amurensis, Amur Maackia

Size: tree, 20-30' average height at maturity, equal or wider spread

Buds: large (.25" x .25") with 2 dark brown scales and paler margins, shiny

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 8-12" long, compound, 7-11 leaflets, each leaflet 1.5-3" long elliptic to oblong-ovate generally acute margins entire, gray-green when unfolding, later olive green, no change in fall

Twigs: stout, gray-brown to black, diamond-shaped lenticels on 2-year and older wood, leaf scar raised half ellipse surmounted by bud

Flower: monoecious, dull white with slight tinge of slate blue, on stiff racemes up to 6", bloom June to July

Fruit: flat pod up to 3" long, .33" wide

Bark: shiny copper brown, peeling with maturity