Acer triflorum, Three Flower Maple

Size: tree, over 30' average height at maturity

Buds: dark brown, .125-.25" long, imbricate scales, white pubescent tips of scales

Leaves: deciduous, opposite, trifoliate, ovate leaflets, irregularly serrated, 2-3" long, 1" wide, petiole 2-3" long, dark green in summer, yellow to red in fall, often appears orange

Twigs: brown, slender, many lenticels, exfoliating stems in 2nd or 3rd year

Flowers: monoecious, borne in spring, clustered in groups of 3, greenish yellow

Fruit: samara with wings 1-1.25" long and .375"-.625" wide, paired wings appear almost parallel to each other, pubescent nutlets

Bark: ornamental, at maturity it can be gray-brown, golden brown, or cinnamon-brown, exfoliates in vertical scales (not as showy as A. griseum)