Acer pseudoplatanus, Sycamore Maple

Size: tree, 40-60' average height at maturity

Buds: terminal with about 6 exposed bright-green scales (unlike A. platanoides), often with dark brown border, fringe of hairs on edge of each scale, accessory buds usually absent at twig tips, laterals have imbricate scales (unlike A. platanoides)

Leaves: deciduous, opposite, up to 6" wide and long, simple, 3-5 ovate lobes, each with a few coarse serrations, dark green above, greenish white below, leathery leaf

Twigs: gray-brown, leaf scars do not meet (unlike A. platanoides)

Flowers: monoecious, yellow-green, upright 2-4" clusters that droop as fruit develop

Fruit: double samara, each side up to 2"

Bark: grayish, squarish scales that flake off to reveal brownish orange inner bark