Acer miyabei, Miyabe Maple

Size: tree, 30-45' average height at maturity

Buds: terminal brownish, .125-.1875" long, imbricate, scales edged with fine pubescence, laterals similar but smaller and hidden by petiole base

Leaves: deciduous, opposite, 4-6" wide, 3-5" long, 4-7" petiole, pubescent with milky sap, simple, usually 5 lobes that taper to blunt tips, medium-dark green above, olive-green pubescent below in summer, quickly changes to yellow before leaf drop in fall

Twigs: brown, glabrous, angled

Flowers: monoecious, greenish-yellow, downy, 10-15 on 2-3" pyramidal clusters, flowers in May

Fruit: samara, borne in pairs, 1.75-2" long, remain green until they fall, wings spread horizontally, nutlets have silky hairs

Bark: dark gray, vertical scales