Cornus alternifolia, Pagoda Dogwood

Size: tree, 15-25' average height at maturity (spread can be wider)

Buds: terminal bud .25", reddish or purplish

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, crowded near ends of twigs (almost appearing whorled), 2-5" long, 1-2.5" wide, simple, ovate-elliptic, acuminate, entire, nearly glabrous above, slightly glaucous underside, medium to dark green, sometimes reddish purple in fall

Twigs: young stems shiny reddish purple or brown above, often lighter underneath

Flowers: monoecious, yellowish white, late spring

Fruit: bluish-black drupe, bloomy, up to .33", pinkish-red stalk

Bark: Gray with slight ridges and furrows

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