Hypericum frondosum, Golden St. Johnswort

Size: shrub, 3-4' average height and spread at maturity

Buds: very small, green-brown, 2 scales

Leaves: deciduous to semi-evergreen, opposite, simple, linear to oblanceolate, margins entire and irregular, apex bristle-tipped, bright green in spring, bluish-green in summer, glandular dots on upper surface, yellow-green in fall

Twigs: slender, angular, red-brown, upright spreading branches

Flowers: monoecious, bright yellow, 1-2" wide with a .75" mass of stamens at the center, 5 petals, solitary, bloom in June-July

Fruit: .5" long, broad base, 3 cells, red-brown to red-purple capsule, persists into spring

Bark: red-brown, exfoliating in shaggy, papery sheets

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