Fothergilla gardenii, Dwarf Fothergilla

Size: shrub, 2-3' average height and spread at maturity

Buds: vegetative buds stalked, 2 scales that drop early, stalks often branched, flower buds ovoid to rounded

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 1-2.5" long, .75-1.75" wide, simple, obovate to oblong, entire or dentate above middle of leaf, tips obtuse, somewhat leathery, dark green or blue-green, yellow, orange, scarlet in fall

Twigs: light brown, zigzagging, pith greenish in young stems

Flowers: monoecious, many white terminal spikes, 2" long, 1" wide, bloom in spring, apetalous, look like small bottlw brushes, smell of honey

Fruit: 2-valved capsule