Sorbus aucuparia, European Mountain Ash

Size: tree, 20-40' average height at maturity, 15-25' spread

Buds: terminal relatively large, more or less conical, pubescent to woolly at least on scale edges, 2-3 dark brown scales

Leaves:  deciduous, alternate, 5-9" long, pinately compound, 9-19 leaflets, each leaflet .75-2.5" long, oblong to oblong-lanceolate, tips acute or obtuse, serrate margins, dark green, changing to yellow, reddish, or reddish purple in fall

Twigs: pubescent when young, dark band beneath leaf scar

Flowers: monoecious, white .33" flowers in flat-topped 3-5" clusters, bloom in May

Fruit: terminal cluster of orange-red pomes, .25-.375" each

Bark: light gray-brown, usually smooth, rougher on old trunks