Hamamelis vernalis, Vernal Witch Hazel

Size: tree, 6-12' average height at maturity (spread 10-15')

Buds: terminal naked or partially covered by thin papery scales, densely pubescent, unopened flower buds usually present in winter, stalked, rounded, 3-5 per cluster

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, 2-5" long, 1-3" wide, fairly thick, simple, obovate to oblong ovate, coarsely dentate, especially above middle, tip usually obtuse, bronze to redish purple in spring, medium to dark green in summer, yellow to golden in fall

Twigs: densely pubescent

Flowers: monoecious, almost identicle to H. mollis, but smaller and reddish yellow in early spring, very fragrant, 4 petals, each about .5"

Fruit: capsule with 2 valves and black seeds

Bark: gray to gray-brown on older branches